A few words from people we've worked with. . .

"We have been working with Hugh for over five years on projects varying in value from £50K to £5M. Hugh is an important member of our wider team and we strive to involve him from the earliest point in the design process as he often brings a valuable alternative viewpoint and wider perspective to the overall concept."
- Mark Bramhall - Bramhall Blenkharn
"Hugh has worked with Bisca for over 10 years providing successful structural solutions for our designs. His work has always been inspired, precise and timely whilst his approach is open-minded and flexible..."
- Richard McLane - BISCA
"SIP Co have enjoyed a fantastic working relationship with HMA over the years. We find their proactive approach to problem solving refreshing, and they have consistently delivered innovative solutions to potential design issues. They are without a doubt one of the most experienced engineers currently operating in the UK as far as SIP construction is concerned"
- Peter Barr - SIP Co Ltd
"Our longstanding working relationship with Hugh is highly valued and we find his creative contribution an important ingredient in the development of challenging ideas. For us, he has the right blend of technical expertise, intellectual ability and a down-to earth awareness."
- Philip O'Dwyer, Director - OMI Architects
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Just a few of the people we've worked with. . .


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